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If you were at the Bridal Show on January 21, 2001, and are interested in having Amy Kidd sing for your wedding, keep watching this space as we will have information posted soon. For now, please email Amy for details. 

Amy Kidd is my sister. Growing up, she was always something of an actress (usually overplaying a minor injury to avoid household chores) and a singer. My parents can both sing, so it only seemed natural that the both of us can sing. While Amy has a singing voice, however, I get hoarse crooning in the shower for five minutes. At any rate, it has only been within the last couple of years, however, that we began to become fully cognizant of her abilities.

Amy not only has singing talent, she has stage presence as well. My wife and I have taken her to karaoke bars, and she usually brings the house down. We had her sing at our wedding, as well. At the wedding rehearsal, after rehearsing her song some of my Corps buddies, who had barely even met her, turned to me and asked "You're related to that?"

This past summer, my parents decided to invest in an hour of studio time for my sister. While the sound man told her she would be doing well to complete one song in that time (which is par for the "famous" people he has recorded there), Amy was able to belt out three tunes to their instrumental backings. For various strange reasons, I didn't get to listen to this demo tape (CD, whatever) until a couple of weeks ago. I was blown away.

Amy asked me a few months back if I could get her songs on the Internet. I told her I could look into it, but I promptly placed it on the back burner until I heard her CD. I figured our best bet would be to upload the files to, but since none of these are original songs (all copyrighted tunes) I figured I'd be better off doing this on my own turf. Well, not my turf, but you get the idea.

Anywho, I took Amy's three demo songs and ripped them into MP3 files. I placed them in zip files and I have them for download below. I zipped them in case this server has problems with MP3 uploads, and so that the name (with spaces) is preserved.

"Can't Live A Day"

Download (4.16 MB)

This is a Christian song, though I don't know who the artist is (I'll update as soon as I find out). Of the three songs, I personally think this one is the most impressive (especially the climax about three minutes in), so it's fitting that this is the "opening" song on the CD.

"I Will Rest In You"

Download (4.36 MB)

This is another Christian song, and I don't know the artist of this one, either. This one is more mellowed than the previous one (that one's more of a show stopper), so it's a nice contrast to the previous tune. 

"When I Fall In Love"

Download (4.20 MB)

This, the lone secular tune, is an old Celine Dion song. Amy is a huge Celine fan, fitting since they share a lot of the same dynamics in terms of talent and stage presence (though Amy doesn't do the "Titanic Chest Punch", thankfully). This one is particularly important to me and my Wife, since it is the song Amy performed at our wedding, and merely listening to this recording sends more than a few relatives of mine into tears.

Update: seems that someone else recorded this song prior to Dion.

A Note on Downloading: In an effort to keep people from using Tripod accounts as a file hosting service only, Tripod does this thing where when you click on a file to download, it takes you to another page to download the file, meaning that you cannot right-click and "Save As..." to download these files, so you must left-click on these files. Sorry about this, it's not my rule.


January 3, 2001

Finally got Amy's mug on the top of the page.

December 31, 2000

Amy just let me know that she will be singing at the fashion show of the Bridal Show put on by the Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley at Reed Arena on January 21, 2001. She'll be singing five songs or so in rotation with about 3 other singers. If you're gonna go to the show, be sure to look out for her.

At this point on this shameless Amy Kidd promotion page, I should inject some sort of legal tidbit. It's no secret that these three songs are copyrighted works. We are not claiming that we wrote these - their copyright lies with their original writers. In that same vein, I should point out that these songs are not for sale and we have no financial motivation in the distribution of these files. 

The purpose of this page is to provide a place for interested listeners (mostly people who already know me) to have an easy method to obtain and listen to these songs. This page's ulterior motivation is to promote my sister and her singing abilities to interested parties (read: record labels, preferably Christian ones). If you are one of these interested parties, you can contact me at (I will post Amy's email address as soon as I know what her contact information is).

You can also email me at for any other reason, including comments on these songs. Amy's email is, but don't expect her to be able to read it until after January 15th or so.

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