bcMGS and bcTK3 for Sticklers

Below I have scans and grabs of the aesthetics of the new Bleemcast discs. Please forgive the grab, by card sucks.

The marginally different legal blurb.

MGS title screen pic - notice how the original cover art is used here.

The X button has a lot of jobs...

Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...

EB gets props in the creds - let's hope they come through on carrying it in stores

Trust me, the dude looks more convincing on a real TV screen

Just mash buttons until the other guy falls down - good old Namco fighter

Finally, it's really called Bleemcast.

Bon Jovi fans unite!

No silk screen which is disappointing, but who's complaining

Upside down? OK...

And now... BLUE!

We like it that way, too

Yeah, I'm exhaustive

And the gameplay - couldn't tell you, I don't have the games just yet. Soon, though...

And remember...