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February 8, 2002
4:11 PM
Yesterday when I got off of work I walked down the two flights of stairs and exited the Teague building. There's this concrete bench right next to the door and on it was a box for a G4 Power Mac tower. - the gray translucent ones. It had a pink post-it note on it, something about Jerry picking it up. I left sorta late yesterday (~5:10 PM) and there was no one around. No one guarding the box or sitting near it. I naturally figured it had been left for Jerry and Jerry would be along soon, though he was obviously running late and the person who put it down there was either in the bathroom or couldn't afford to wait any longer.

It's kinda like when you walk past a car that's parked in a no-parking zone and it's still running. I walked past one yesterday. Here at A&M the parking cops are like the Gestapo and it already had a ticket on it. That means that the person had left the car there long enough, with the keys running, long enough to get discovered by PTTS, get ticketed, and the PTTS officer leave already. Suddenly I thought it might be funny if someone were to get in the car, drive it about ten blocks, and then leave it, still running. Better yet, drive it way the hell off to one of the parking lots on campus and park it. I wonder how long it would take for the owner to find it.

So by this same logic, I figured someone was bound to steal that G4 if it was left there long enough. I don't like Macs, but if the perfect opportunity came up for me to get a free one, I'd take it. Not to say that I would have stolen that G4 - I don't have what it takes to steal something like that - I was just thinking it might be interesting to suddenly have a Macintosh. Might make any Mac bashing have a leg to stand on

Well, here's the funny part - when I came to work this morning the G4 was still there. In fact it's after 4:00 now (see above) and it's still still there. That means it's been there close to 24 hours at least. People walk by it, see it, ignore it, etc. Lucky it didn't rain last night, though my car did have a nice layer of ice on it this morning - perhaps the little translucent case has dew in it now, kinda like when you accidentally diswasher a thermal mug that's not dishwasher safe. I don't know what this says about Macintoshes - is it that they're not even worth stealing, or is it that the kinds of people who would want them aren't the kind to steal? It would be foolish for someone that works here to steal it - everyone would see him. However, all night long that box went without anyone touching it. Surely someone was here at 3AM and thought about it... or did they?

Of couse the flaw in all this is that I'm not 100% certian if there's anything actually in the box - I didn't nudge it to see if there was anything in it. It might be an empty box. Perhaps it wasn't an empty box last night but it is this morning. Granted, why anyone would leave the box behind is beyond me.

In any event I'm sure that box will be gone Monday morning, because if it isn't I'm going to have one hell of a laugh.

2:53 PM
"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg." -- Bjarne Stroustrup

True Dat.

February 6, 2002
10:28 AM
I know I'm not really the right generation/mindset for Pink Floyd but I'm listening to them nonetheless. I've always enjoyed their album The Dark Side of the Moon but that's the only real album I've ever heard of theirs (I had always heard that that album and the follow-up Wish You Were Here were the only good albums they ever did - the rest were mostly crap). So now I'm listening to Echoes, the latest in the long line of greatest hits cash-ins that flow from the record industry (considering that the Eagles' Greatest Hits is the best selling album of all time, this is a no-brainer) and I'm listening to this song on it called "Echoes" - it's seventeen minutes long. It's like four minutes of song, ten minutes of bizarre conceptual acid trip, and three more minutes of song. They literally just pick the song back up as if it was a freaking guitar solo. Unbelievable. Only Pink Floyd could get away with that.

February 5, 2002
4:09 PM
Weird discovery of the day - apparently the man who played Wyatt in the movie Weird Science is a English professor at Texas A&M. "Your assignment this weekend is to read chapters 4-7 and to avoid the Comedy Central movie."

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